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KTCY & 1Q4 - Tracy Municipal Airports

Tracy Municipal Airport 5749 South Tracy Boulevard, Tracy CA 95377 

New Jerusalem Airport Durham Ferry Rd, Tracy, CA 95376

Tracy Municipal Airport which has 166 acres used for aircraft parking, taxiways, and runway space. An additional 144 acres are still undeveloped. There are two active runways at the airport, one runway (8/26) is aligned east/west and is 3,438 feet long and 100 feet wide. The other runway (12/30) is aligned northwest/southeast and is 4001 feet long and 100 feet wide. Other airport services include: aviation and jet fuel sales for now....the City is seeking an FBO operator as of Feb. 2007.

Constructed in 1928 as the "American Legion Airport" in September of 1928 with its grand opening and a three day airshow in April of 1929.  Ten years after WWI, with only one runway and one hangar in operation at the time, the airport was mainly used for "Flying Circuses" and "Barnstorming."  During WWII, the airport was used as the Tracy Auxiliary Airfield (No. 4) for the Stockton Army Airfield and trained Army Air Corps cadets.


General Info KTCY

  • Elevation: 193′

  • Airport Identifier: KTCY

  • Runway Length
    30/12: 4001′
    8/26: 3438′

  • Runway 30 / 12 and 26 / 08 have PAPI on left (+/- 3.00 degrees glide path).

  • Good flying weather most of the year, some fog in the winter months.

  • Secure perimeter fencing, after hours key pad access. 


  • Airport Master Plan (2mb file)

  • City of Tracy


General Info 1Q4


Frequencies KTCY & 1Q4

  • CTAF/UNICOM KTCY: 123.075

  • CTAF/UNICOM 1Q4: 122.900

  • WX AWOS-3: 118.375 PHONE 209-831-4335

  • NORCAL APPROACH: 123.85,125.10

  • NORCAL DEPARTURE: 123.85, 125.10

  • WX AWOS-3 at C83 (12 nm NW): 123.775  PHONE 925-634-0906

  • WX ASOS at SCK (16 nm NE): PHONE 209-982-4270

  • WX ASOS at LVK (18 nm W): PHONE 925-606-5412


Available 24 Hours KTCY

  • AV Gas (100LL).

  • Jet Fuel (Jet A).

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